Haec Otia was built in 1926 by the French architect in the Neo-English and Art Deco style, Arsène Bical, for a Parisian woman and called it MADYVONNE.

The second proprietary of our charming house of the Côte d’Opale, the Viscount Van de Vyvere, secretary of the king of the Belgians under Albert I, could deliver you a lot of historic secrets.
When the viscount bought the house, he changed its name in “HAEC OTIA”.

He loved to come in Le Touquet, read the Latin, relax, with his family and friends. He liked passing good times in this house, reason for which he seted in stone of the luxurious fireplace of the lounge this registration in Latin : « DEUS NOBIS HAEC OTIA FECIT », God has given us these days of leisure.



The bed and breakfast house, spread on a ground of 6000m2 has an entrance which is similar to a French Garden. Once there, you will appreciate a beautiful path where boxwood and roses are standing alongside according to the season.

If you look around at the right of the house, you will be able to catch sight of our marvelous treasures in the garden. Carrots, cabbages, parsley, flowers… The scenery keeps changing over the years. Let yourself be tempted by our park where old pines, hydrangeas, olive trees and also fig trees will amaze you.

Fancy tea, coffee or a snack at the heart of this natural lung?
We will be happy to serve you.
Shhhhhush! We will let you discover the environment by yourself.